How to buy the new iPhone SE 2


Apple announced the successor to its beloved iPhone SE: the iPhone SE 2. The specs are a mix of what you’ll find in the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 8. It has the latest A13 Bionic processor, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an overall design that mimics the iPhone 8 (it should even work with most iPhone 8 cases), and a few camera traits that seem to be similar to what Apple’s camera array in the iPhone XR could handle. This phone is smaller than other iPhones that are currently available, and it’s far cheaper at just $399 to start.

Apple usually holds an in-person conference to debut new phones, but given that we’re in the midst of a pandemic, it’s opting to make the buying process more streamlined. Preorders begin online this Friday, April 17th starting at 5AM PT / 8AM ET, and the iPhone SE 2 will be available on Friday, April 24th. Since Apple Stores around the US are closed, your only option at the moment for getting an iPhone SE 2 is ordering it online and having it delivered to you. Best Buy will also begin accepting preorders on April 17th starting at 5AM PT / 8AM ET.

We’re waiting to hear about which carriers will sell the iPhone SE 2, and we’ll update this post with more details once they come in. Until then, we’ll skip right to the pricing.

The base model of the new iPhone SE 2 has 64GB of storage and costs $399. Apple is also making step-up configurations with more storage, including a model with 128GB of storage that costs $449 and another one that tops out at 256GB of storage for $549. You’ll be able to preorder each model through Apple starting on Friday, April 17th at 5AM PT / 8AM ET.

As mentioned before, Best Buy will accept preorders for the iPhone SE 2. Order pickups will be available at its physical stores via the company’s curbside service starting Friday, April 24th. Alternatively, if you order online to have it shipped to your home, you can activate your carrier-locked phone via the retailer’s website. For a limited time, Best Buy will offer a $50 gift card with activation. On the other hand, if you elect to pay full price for an unlocked iPhone SE 2, it will be ready to go right out of the box.