Jumbo Makes Mass Donation To Food Banks And Their Volunteers


Supermarket chain Jumbo donated hundreds of thousands of products to food banks in the Netherlands, as well as a gift for each of the food banks’ around 12 thousand volunteers, Food Banks Netherlands announced on Tuesday.

“It is heartwarming to see Jumbo make an extra donation during this difficult time,” said Leo Wijnbelt, chairman of Food Banks Netherlands said. “We are more than happy with this massive donation. It is fantastic to have such a collaboration partner, who has an eye for society and the most vulnerable people in it.”

Jumbo has been working with Food Banks Netherlands for many years, but wanted to do more in this time, Collette Cloosterman-van Eerd of the supermarket chain said. “It bothers us that more and more people are dependent on food banks and that these food banks are simultaneously suffering form a shortage of food. That is why we are happy to help with an extra donation during this difficult time. We also want to support the many volunteers who ensure that as many people as possible receive a food package every day,” she said. “What a performance they deliver!”

In addition to the donation, Jumbo also pledged support for the food banks’ campaign “Stay Safe and Give”. In the coming months, Jumbo customers will be able to donate directly to this campaign from the store. “Thanks to Jumbo’s contributions, people who desperately need it can now count on help from the Food Bank”, the food bank said. .